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Vision for 21st Century Music



A 21st century music curriculum is an increasingly important aspect of developing learners prepared for success in the 21st century.  Thus, the West Virginia Board of Education and the West Virginia Department of Education are pleased to present Policy 2520.10, 21st Century Music Content Standards and Objectives for West Virginia Schools.  The West Virginia Music Standards for 21st Century Learning include 21st century content standards and objectives as well as 21st century standards and objectives for learning skills and technology tools.  This broadened scope of curriculum is built on the firm belief that quality engaging instruction must be built on a curriculum that triangulates rigorous 21st century content, 21st century learning skills and the use of 21st century technology tools.

A committee of educators from different areas of the state convened to revise the content standards and objectives.  The overarching goal was to build a rigorous, relevant and challenging music curriculum that would prepare students for the 21st century.  West Virginia educators played a key role in shaping the content standards to align with national standards and best practice in the field of music education.  The contribution of these professionals was critical in creating a policy that is meaningful to classroom teachers and appears in a format that can easily be used and understood.

Music Content Standards and Objectives

Guidance for Secondary Instrumental Repertoire

In conjunction with the guidance provided in the WVDE document “Building a Comprehensive Arts Program,” it was felt that some guidance should be provided to novice teachers of band and orchestra to guide selection of exemplary repertoire for the secondary instrumental ensemble.  Two documents have been prepared, one for band and the other for orchestra:



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